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Our organization has developed a comprehensive and structured approach to empower underserved communities. Our strategies enable community members to take strategic control of their environment while fostering a unified force for change. We take a holistic approach that simultaneously enhances all aspects of our members' lives. Some of our strategic targets include


Phase 1: Community Engagement

By employing a continuous, unwavering, and proactive approach to engaging with communities, we transform the very fabric of every community we operate in, fostering a sense of togetherness and a familial ambiance in every locality. Our community engagement mechanism enables community members to access the necessary resources without having to navigate the often difficult processes involved in obtaining such critical services.



Phase 2: Youth Development 

Our Player 1 Academy education hubs strive to provide a comprehensive learning experience that incorporates active and passive learning for our youth while offering practical, real-world education. Our program fosters social and emotional development and enhances critical thinking, communication, and decision-making skills.

It is crucial that we invest in the education of our youth, as they hold the key to creating a better and safer future for us all. By empowering them with independent education, group economics, and knowledge on racial justice, we can begin to dismantle systematic racism and build stronger, more prosperous communities. We recognize that this is a long-term commitment, and we are dedicated to equipping our youth with the tools they need to shape the future we all desire.



















3: Community Ownership Model

In this phase of our work, we first seek out individuals who have the potential to become successful community business owners, as well as those who already have established businesses. We then offer comprehensive support to these individuals, including access to all necessary resources and training to initiate and sustain their business operations. Additionally, we assemble a team of experienced professionals from diverse fields to act as mentors and guide business owners throughout their enterprises' lifespan.

     We strongly believe in the importance of community input and involvement, and thus, we engage with residents to determine the kinds of businesses needed in their area. Based on this feedback, We Are 1 identifies appropriate locations, develops the companies, and ultimately transfers full ownership to selected community members in a legally binding manner. We aim to empower individuals and communities to take charge of their economic futures and promote sustainable growth and development.




Phase 4: Group Economics Strategy

   The current economic condition of the Black American community is in critical condition. Challenged by police brutality, poverty, economic instability, domestic terrorism, and systemic racism, the Black American community has been unable to craft an effective action plan to counteract these negative forces. In crafting an action plan, Group Economics within the Black American community would be the first bullet point.


    Group Economics is not new; many communities in America practice this strategy; the Jewish community, Italian community, and Asian communities all use Group Economics. It is a form of self-preservation.


     We Are 1' Group Economics strategy's ultimate benefit is to strengthen Black economies by ensuring that the money is cycling through the community at least ten times. When money stays in the community, it allows businesses, residents, and investors to direct that money to capital improvements of various assets, thus increasing the value of the community as a whole. 



Phase 5: Self Sustainability


The model we employ at We Are 1 is designed to create self-sustaining communities that are able to function independently without external support. By providing all necessary resources, including food, employment opportunities, and healthcare services, we empower communities to thrive and grow. Moreover, our approach ensures that the economic benefits of local commerce remain within each community, thus promoting increased economic activity and overall prosperity.
















Phase 6: Bias-Free Health Care Facilities

     The American healthcare system has been a significant contributor to the harm experienced by black communities. At We Are 1, we have established 1 Family Medical Center to address this issue. These centers are located in underserved communities and offer free, unbiased medical services. Our approach emphasizes healthy lifestyle habits such as exercise, healthy eating, and traditional medicine and natural remedies. We recognize the unique challenges faced by black and brown individuals in accessing mental health services. Thus, our centers prioritize creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for those seeking help.

     At our medical centers, we prioritize individualized care for each patient rather than viewing them solely through the lens of their group identity. We prioritize communication and collaboration with colleagues and patients from diverse backgrounds to promote a better understanding of each patient's unique needs. Additionally, our approach encourages perspective-taking and empathy, enabling us to provide compassionate and effective care to all patients.

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