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Of course, we can't lay our strategies out online for various reasons. However, we have a very structured, detailed series of strategies that allow those in underserved communities to strategically gain control of their community while at the same time building a unified force of change. We take a holistic approach by enhancing all areas of our community members' life simultaneously. A few of our strategic targets are;


Phase 1: Community Engagement

Our constant, consistent, and aggressive community engagement strategy changes the very foundation of every community we enter by creating unity and a family-like atmosphere in every neighborhood.


Our community engagement system connects community members directly to the resources they need without navigating through the sometimes challenging processes to receive those much-needed services.



Phase 2: Youth Development 

We Are 1's Player 1 Academy creates an active and passive learning environment while providing real-world education for our youth. Our Academy exceedingly enhances each child's social and emotional development, as well as heightens their critical thinking, communication, and decision-making skills.


Our future is in the hands of our youth. Better, safer neighborhoods, economic empowerment, group economics, independent education, racial justice, and dismantling systematic racism all lie within the hands of our youth. Therefore we have to educate them now. Not just for a week or two or during a summer program. We have to dedicated decades to equipping our youth with the skill to create the future we wish to see. 
















3: Community Ownership Model

During this phase, we identify potential and current community business owners. After which, we provide and connect them to all of the resources and training needed to start and maintain their business. We also assemble a list of professionals from various fields to mentor the business owner throughout the life of their business. We also identify what businesses are needed in each community (by asking the very people who live in that community). We Are 1 then obtains the suitable location, develops the businesses, and then legally transfers complete ownership over to selected community members. 




Phase 4: Group Economics Strategy

The current economic condition of the Black American community is in critical condition. Challenged by police brutality, poverty, economic instability, domestic terrorism, and systemic racism, the Black American community has been unable to craft an effective action plan to counteract these negative forces. In crafting an action plan, Group Economics within the Black American community would be the first bullet point.


Group Economics is not new; many communities in America practice this strategy; the Jewish community, Italian community, Asian communities all use Group Economics. It is a form of self-preservation.


We Are 1' Group Economics strategy's ultimate benefit is to strengthen Black economies by ensuring that the money is cycling through the community at least ten times. When money stays in the community, it allows businesses, residents, and investors to direct that money to capital improvements of various assets, thus increasing the value of the community as a whole. 



Phase 5: Self Sustainability 

Our self-sustaining community model provides all of the necessary resources for each community, allowing them to operate without outside assistance. Our method provides food, employment, and healthcare in each community while at the same time keeping the community dollar circulating within that community.














Phase 6: Bias-Free Health Care Facilities

One of the major contributors to the destruction of black people is America's healthcare system. We Are 1's 1Family Medical Centers are bias-free, totally-free medical centers located in underserved communities. Medical centers that strongly promote healthy eating and exercise as a deterrent as well as natural medicines. Medical centers that prescribe fruits and vegetables as well as traditional medicine. Medical Centers that take such a unique approach to mental health that black and brown people feel comfortable seeking help.

Our healthcare facilities; 

  • Focus on the individual attributes of each patient, rather than seeing the patient through a lens of a group membership.

  • Enhance communication by interacting and discussing with colleagues and patients with diverse experiences.

  • Increase perspective-taking and empathy.