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Guess what? We don't have any demands. Sounds crazy, right? No demands? Then what are we doing this for? How are we going to get equal rights? How are we going to get justice? How are we going to secure a better education for our youth? How are we going to get better healthcare, and better-paying jobs unless we tell them what we want? They must hear and understand our demands! 


We believe that when we present a list of demands what we are in fact saying is, "Mr. Police Officer can you please stop murdering our unarmed black men, women, and children. Racists Health Care Industry can you please provide us with better healthcare. Department of Education can you please provide our children with a better education. Racists employers can you please give us more employment opportunities. And we understand that this country is built on racism and white supremacy but can you please remove racism from the hearts and minds of everyone, PLEASE! We're begging you."


Guess what, when we do this, the message we're actually sending is that we can't have any of these freedoms without them. The message this sends to our oppressors is that they hold all the power and without them, we are doomed. 

This is totally untrue. The We Are 1 Movement has no demands because we don't need anyone to take care of us. We're not wasting our breath asking any politician, police chief, employer, or anyone else for anything. We can take care of ourselves. We are tired of begging for something that they haven't given us in the past four hundred years and will never give us. They love it when we continuously shout-out our demands because that shows them that we are still not smart enough to figure it out ourselves. 


I believe in all of my black brothers and sisters. We are some of the most talented, creative, resourceful people in the world and to be honest. Most of these businesses would not exist without us. We dominate entertainment, sports, fashion, agriculture, and medicine and some of the most brilliant minds in the world belong to black men, women, and children. Those that aid in this global systematic oppression need us, our culture, and our intelligence.


We can actually create all of those systems ourselves. We have in the past and we can do it again. We can create our own schools, healthcare systems, and mass-produce anything we need to survive. The We Are 1 Movement has a detailed strategy to do all of the above. We don't need them. So let's work together and create the best world we can for ourselves, our children, and other black men, women, and children across the country.  


Demands.  LOL!